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10 Things You Need to Do At Myrtle Beach This Summer

10 Things You Need To Do At Myrtle Beach This Summer

Myrtle Beach has been a popular vacation spot for many people that I know. However, it has a TON of unique features and things to do.

Aside from the beach itself, within a 20-30 minute drive, you can find A LOT of hidden treasures in the lovely state of South Carolina! I have compiled a list of the TOP 10 unique things to hit up in Myrtle Beach to have an amazing time!

1. Play the Arcades

10 Things You Need to do at Myrtle Beach This Summer

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Arcades are from a faded era, and I am unfortunately seeing less and less of them as time goes on. Besides your local Dave and Buster’s, it is pretty hard to find an arcade with great games throughout the years that are properly taken care of. Myrtle Beach has TWO great arcades right next to each other. 

One arcade belongs to the “Gay Dolphin” (which claims to be the largest gift shop), and the other is called “The Fun Plaza”. They both are along the boardwalk which is pretty great.

Both have a mixture of old-fashioned games and brand new ones! The prizes are definitely unique, and more than what you would expect from your average arcade. I managed to score two mini-drones and a huge turtle painting with my winnings 😉

So, go ahead and bring out your inner child–hit up the arcades!

2. Ride the Tallest Ferris Wheel in the East Coast

10 Things You Need to do at Myrtle Beach This Summer

I want to first start off by saying that this ferris wheel is BEAUTIFUL. It has a glass enclosure and you can even upgrade to VIP seating (a.k.a. leather seats) and air conditioning. It is a pretty long ride for what you pay, and it gives you a beautiful view.

However, I forgot to mention one thing…I am afraid of heights.

The whole ride I was stiff as a board but enjoyed the beautiful view, and may have even shed a few tears like a scaredy-cat….but I did it!

Random Bit of TinaWisdom: When traveling…do things that SCARE you. It’s going to suck at first, but once you do it, you will feel so accomplished and you grow a little bit as a person whether you realize it or not!

3. Hit Up Ripley’s Museum and Aquarium

10 Things You Need to do at Myrtle Beach This Summer

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I have DREAMED about going to the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museum since I was  little girl. I always would read the Ripley’s comic strip, the books, and watch the shows they had on the Discovery Channel.

I FINALLY got to go there, and it was pretty freakin’ cool. The museum itself has a fresh, colorful design, and it is very up close and interactive!

Along with the museum, there is the aquarium, and I am super obsessed with animals–so I was like a kid in a candy store (which I also visited, but I will get to that later).

Although there was limited selections on marine life–AKA no turtles, penguins or seals, you get to pet stingrays!  Overall, the aquarium was pretty great.

4. Broadway at the Beach

You will find Ripley’s Aquarium located here, a small carnival, a wax museum and TONS of stores and cool things to do! You could honestly spend your whole vacation here and have a great time!

TinaWisdom: Definitely check out WonderWorks while you stop here–a super cool hands-on science museum!

Here is a candy store my boyfriend and I visited while at Broadway at the Beach:

10 Things You Need to do at Myrtle Beach This Summer

They literally had the craziest stuff–including that giant Tootsie Pop. We scored about every jelly bean flavor you could think of and ALMOST bought a box of 100% Lucky Charm marshmallows.


5. Try the Local Restaurants

Okay, let me be real with you for just one second. I am a brand whore. Yup, I said it. I stay loyal to the good ol’ tried and true name-brand restaurants that I know.

Small, family owned businesses give me anxiety because:

1. What if I don’t know what to eat?

2. What if I get sick?

3. What if it’s gross?

Since I am going with the theme of getting over my fears, I pushed the ridiculous anxiety aside and to my pleasant surprise found some GREAT restaurants to dine at!

My favorite place to eat had to be JOHNNY D’S–they had freakin’ Funfetti waffles and entrees that looked like the bomb.com guys.

10 Things You Need to do at Myrtle Beach This Summer

No biggie, just some RED VELVET WAFFLES from Johnny D’s.

My second favorite place to dine at Myrtle Beach was a seafood shack right next to the big ferris wheel overlooking the ocean. There were so many amazing places that all served great quality food.

So don’t hit up McDonald’s when you are in Myrtle Beach–be sure to branch out to the little guys!

6. Walk on the Beach at Night

So, I learned quite a few things from going on the beach at night. For the first time in my life, I experienced a moon rise. I never knew when it rose, that it is a bright orange color (from reflection of the sun) and gradually turns to it’s normal white color. I knew that the moon rose, but living in a mountain filled state, I always just saw it in the air and never truly got to see it rise. It was a beautiful experience!

Another popular thing to do at night on the beach is collect seashells! You will see people walking along the beach with flashlights and a small pail or bag.

It’s better to collect at night because the beach isn’t as populated and you are more likely to find rare and unique shells!

I stumbled upon a hermit crab shell that looked pretty cool, but the pickins’ were slim when we went.

7. Explore the National Forests/Parks

Definitely go check out the parks in South Carolina! They charge you around $5 per person or car to get in for the day, but it is great because all of the money goes to maintaining the parks. That is something you really don’t see in Pennsylvania, which I wish they would implement more!

My boyfriend and I had to try our hand at geocaching down there and managed to find one in a local park by a tree shaped like South Carolina.

10 Things You Need to do at Myrtle Beach This Summer

8. Try Some Crazy-Themed Mini-Golf

Something that I would never have expected to find in South Carolina that was impressive? Mini-golf. They literally have about 10 courses within 20 minutes of each other that are all INSANE.

We had to try one of them, and it happened to have a choice of the CAVE course or the WATERFALL course. Since it was super hot out, we opted for the cave one. Needless to say, it was a cool experience as I have never seen such an intricate mini-golf course!

10 Things You Need to do at Myrtle Beach This Summer

9. Explore the Marshes

These can be found inside a few of the national parks–but they have a beautiful view, and you just may see an alligator !

The one we went to had an interactive museum-type area where you could pet a sting ray and see/learn about some other creatures found in the marshes!

10 Things You Need to do at Myrtle Beach This Summer

10. Visit the Huntingdon Castle

This castle is in Huntingdon Beach (which was named after the Huntingdon’s).

It’s only $2 to do a self-guided tour through the home. The abode was filled to the brim with stories and history. It is a beautiful set up and they restore what they can, but try to leave it untouched.

I also like to tell myself it’s haunted to spook myself out because it’s fun :p

10 Things You Need to do at Myrtle Beach This Summer

And that wraps up my 10 unique things for you to do in Myrtle Beach! Visiting a few (or all!) of these spots will definitely make for a great trip!

What are some of your favorite places to visit in South Carolina?