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A Weekend Trip on a Budget: Moundsville, West Virginia

A Weekend Trip on a Budget: Moundsville, West Virginia

If you live in the Northeast, and are looking for a fun and unique weekend adventure, Moundsville, WV is your destination! Even for those of you who don’t live near here I would certainly add it to your list of places to go when you are around the area! It was a very inexpensive trip as every attraction is either free or under $20. There are lots of good deals and discounts for this hidden little gem!

1. Tour the WV State Penitentiary

A Weekend Trip on a Budget: Moundsville, West Virginia

This place is pretty spooky. You can take a daylight tour that lasts  up to two hours, or test your bravery by sleeping in the haunted prison overnight! I only took the daylight tour, but it was super interesting and informative! I would certainly love to go back to stay overnight!

Ghost Adventurers has visited this location and the prison has binders filled with paranormal shots taken in the prison throughout the years!

There are many old relics from the prison housed in a mini-museum when you first walk in, including an old electrical chair!

2. Climb the Ancient Indian Burial Mound

A Weekend Trip on a Budget: Moundsville, West Virginia

Right across the street from the penitentiary is an ancient Indian burial mound. Inside the mound houses many dead bodies. This was how Indians created their own “cemeteries”.

You can climb the built in steps to get to the top of the mound and get a great view.

Be sure to also visit the  museum that goes further into detail about the history of the mounds and Moundsville itself!

Entrance to this attraction is FREE!

3. Get Spooked at the Paranormal Museum

As if the state penitentiary wasn’t enough, you can go and visit the Archive of the Afterlife: Paranormal Museum. It is loaded with eerie looking artifacts, as well as some ACTUAL haunted ones!

But there is something different about this museum…you have to go through it in total darkness with only a flashlight. 

I hope you don’t pee your pants!

4. Where to Stay: Sleep In

Okay, so I am not sure if ALL Sleep Inns are like this (as they are apart of a chain of Choice Hotels), but for a random in-the-middle-of-nowhere town, this hotel was BEAUTIFUL!

It was only built a few years ago, and everything looked brand new. There was a great free breakfast in the morning with a ton of options.

The rooms were of very nice quality and very clean. Plus, it was decently cheap to stay here as well at about $98 for the night!

Some added perks are that you are right next to Walmart if you need anything, and there is a Buffalo Wild Wings right behind the hotel. You can get 10% off your meal if you show them your hotel key card!

The hotel itself is very centrally located, and you are no more than a 10-15 minute drive from anywhere!

5. Go Visit Ohio–You Are On the Border!

In Moundsville, you literally have to drive about 20 minutes, cross a bridge and Voila! You are in Ohio.

If you drive a bit further you will find a great mall to browse around in. They have a pretty cool arcade and a great theater inside!

Why not visit two states in one day?


There are a few other hidden gems around this town, but these are some of the most interesting ones that I discovered! I will leave the rest for you to find as a surprise when you get there.

This out-of-the-blue trip certainly surprised me, as I had such an amazing time and one little town was jam-packed with cool things to do!