How to Improve Your Mental Health

How to Improve Your Mental Health

Having a healthy mental mindset is extreeeemely important. When you have a strong and healthy mindset, everything else runs smoothly and sort of just falls into place.

If you slide these simple tips into your everyday routine, you will have a clean bill of health in the noggin’ department in no time!

1. Disconnect

When I say disconnect, that translates into two things: disconnecting from social media and disconnecting from any “distractions”. Distractions can mean a number of things including: friendships, bad habits, and even your very own family.

When we are focusing on the highlight reel of everyone’s lives along with trying to meet people’s needs in the physical realm, we tend to forget who we really are and what WE really want.

You basically need some YOU time. Sit alone with yourself. Get to know your body, habits and tendencies.

2. Meditate & Reflect

Meditation does not necessarily mean sitting in a room with your eyes closed. If that is what you would like to do–do that! However, I have come to find that meditating for myself is reviewing my day ahead of me upon waking, and reflecting on my day before bed.

In the morning I set my mind to a positive tune (instead of scrolling through social media). Then, I review what I would like to get done for the day, and set a “focus” for the day.

I also remind myself that a good chunk of the time, life doesn’t exactly work out how you would like it to. And you know what? That’s OK. Just be sure to keep that in mind when things don’t go as planned!

I love to sit down at the end of the day and check off all the things I DID get done and rework the things that didn’t get done into the next possible day that I can. I reflect on all that went well during the day and what I could have reacted to better. Because we all know that life is 10% what happens to us and 90% of how we react to it, right?

The planner that I use that has changed my life is the Passion Planner. Go check them out–they even have a FREE printable version!

3. Create Daily Habits

One free printable you can grab from Passion Planner is the daily habit tracker. It truly is great! You can cut them out to paste somewhere in your planner or just keep a full sheet of charts handy. I date each set of the boxes and write out habits I would like to focus on for that week.

Maybe I would like to focus on my daily stretching (<–check out my video all about stretching!) or possibly focus on trying to read a bit every day. Whenever I do that habit, I put an “X” in that box.

Let me tell you how life changing this act is. I believe a big issue with humans is we like to think that if we remember something and “store it away” in the moment that we will remember it later. The truth of the matter is, we almost always forget or misjudge what ACTUALLY happened. We tend to under judge our achievements and over exaggerate our faults. When we physically record our daily habits and goals this allows us to VISUALLY see what we performed and what we didn’t and how we can do better next time! It also helps with staying on track with our goals and really engraining our thoughts into our brains.

This concept was such an underrated thing for myself until I REALLY got into writing things down. it truly is revolutionizing.

4.  Patience is Key

Lastly, remember that patience is KEY. Be gentle with yourself and know that even though you may have a great mental mindset for two weeks straight just to revert back to your old self for a month DOES NOT MEAN YOU HAVE LOST PROGRESS.

You will see over time that your mental health will strengthen. You will find true happiness and a peace of mind regardless of what mental battles you struggle with. The anxiety will get better. The depression will begin to taper off. The racing thoughts will slow down. It will get better.

I hope that you have found these tips helpful, and that you will begin to apply them into your everyday life. If there is ONE thing I want you to take away from this article, it is this: you just have to keep fighting. Remember that. Remember that there will be a time when you will look back on things and realize you tried your ass off and it was all worth this one moment of blissful happiness where you feel free from your mental weaknesses. Keep fighting for that moment, and the many happy moments to come.