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Why You Feel Like Shit Since Starting Your New Diet

Why You Feel Like Shit Since Starting Your New Diet

So you decided to take on the new endeavor of eating healthier everyday? Congrats!

If you have been doing this for a couple of days (or have in the past) you may notice that you have some headaches, nausea or straight up feel like shit. What the heck is this crap?? YOU made this decision to feed your body all the goodness, and it repays you with this?! Sort of…but your body has a reason for doing so.

It’s Like Quitting Smoking

…or any other addicting habit for that matter. When your diet began having a vast majority of sugars, starchy foods, and unhealthy additives and chemicals–your body didn’t like it. So far back you probably can’t remember. Just like the first time when you light one up, you cough and feel like there is fire in your lungs. The more you do it, the more relaxing and good it feels. The same thing happens when you eat like crap. Your body adapts to what you give it and you feel good after eating that candy bar, or grabbing that sugary Starbucks drink.

If you’ve ever seen someone quit cold turkey smoking, you know it’s hard for them. The human body actually begins the detoxification process within hours of quitting smoking. The same goes for eating healthy. Once you start to eat healthy for a couple of days, your body begins to flush out all of the bad chemicals it was storing in your body, and replacing them with the nutrients from the nutrient dense foods you are now feeding it.

This results in the headaches, bloating, nausea and sleepiness to name a few. But hang in there champ! It’s only temporary! Your body will begin to adapt to your eating habits–that is, if you stick with them, which YOU WILL. Then, you will be craving those whole, nutrient dense foods.

In fact, when you go to indulge in the carbonated beverage or super greasy food you haven’t had in weeks–it won’t even taste good. You heard me. You will taste it for the garbage that it is and realize you don’t need that in your life. So stick with this diet thing–it gets better, I promise!

If you would like a bit more of a scientific take on this subject, check out this awesome article I found that inspired this blog post!

How Do You Make The Process Go More Smoothly?

While the detoxification period doesn’t really last longer than a week or two if you stay on top of things–it still does suck. However, there are a couple of things you can do to make it easier on yourself:

  • Drink TONS of water. Who would have guessed right? Water is the answer to almost everything it seems like. Probably because it makes up 75% of our bodies 😉 But seriously, drink your H2O because it helps speed up the detoxification process. Add some lemon or lime into your water for more added health benefits!
  • Sweat it out. Be sure to fit in 30 active minutes a day or try to work out 4-5 days per week! Breaking a sweat and incorporating weight training not only has infinite benefits for the body, but will help to get rid of those nasty chemicals faster!
  • If you can’t quick cold turkey, try gradually weaning off junk food. Not to say you can never eat a donut again, but make a majority of your food whole, nutrient dense food. (Like 80% of the time, okay?) Start by incorporating a healthy snack once a day, then after a week goes by, make your breakfast healthy, then add in lunch the next week, and you get the idea! This method doesn’t work for everyone, but it’s worth a shot!
  • Make a plan. Since you have decided to eat healthy foods, you need to stick with it. Whether that be setting small goals for yourself (Learn all about goal setting here) or writing out meal plans/ tracking your food intake. Having healthy foods ready makes it much harder to grab a not-so-healthy food option!