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Cut the Crap: 5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Diet (As Told By Rick and Morty)

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Cut the Crap: 5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Diet (As Told By Rick and Morty)

Rick and Morty is one of the greatest TV shows of all time (at least in my opinion). It is right there with The Office. If you have never seen this show and like raunchy animated comedies–give this a go. You can watch it on Hulu or Adult Swim–for all my Rick and Morty fans out there, enjoy this informative–yet hilarious article.

If you need additional guidance in your nutrition, be sure to download my free nutrition guide for even more in depth information!

1. Cut the Sugary Drinks–Drink Water Instead

Cut the Crap: 5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Diet (As Told By Rick and Morty)

Don’t be like Rick–cut the alcohol. And the fruit juices, sodas, and anything carbonated–it’s usually just empty calories.

Sugary drinks= tons of carbohydrates with little to no nutritional value and a ton of sugar.

How to spice things up? Add fruit to your water. I enjoy sipping on lemon water. It definitely helps to flush out the bad stuff in our body–especially if we are bloated.

If you are not lactose-intolerant, I would suggest adding a glass a milk per day into your diet. I’ve talked to quite a few people who have had NO cavities (and in some cases poor oral hygiene) but they all said they drank a ton of milk. It may sound stereotypical, but I get cavities quite easily and I wasn’t drinking any milk–so it’s worth a shot right?

2. Cut Out the Refined Carbs

Cut the Crap: 5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Diet (As Told By Rick and Morty)

Refined carbs are carbohydrates that have been essentially stripped of their nutrients. Think brown rice turned into white rice. You want to go as nutrient-dense and wholesome as possible here. Stay away from the empty carbohydrates in your diet such as candy, cookies, cakes—Mulan Szechuan Sauce.

But have no fear! Because there are usually healthier substitutions that can be made when making things like cakes and cookies, so you can still fulfill that sweet tooth!

3. Add Veggies to Every Meal

Cut the Crap: 5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Diet (As Told By Rick and Morty)

So many of us don’t get as many veggies in our diet as we should. I think it’s because it’s hard to think of ways to incorporate them so they actually look (or taste) appetizing. Aim to get a serving in every meal. Let’s get as excited about it as Mr. Meeseeks!

Sometimes you just have to think outside of the box for these guys, consider the following:

  •  Grab some cherry tomatoes and drizzle some low fat italian dressing on them as a quick snack. Don’t like tomatoes? Try another veggie like carrots, celery or broccoli and dip it in a yogurt ranch dressing!
  • Add some veggies into your morning omelette- spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, broccoli, bell peppers, anything!
  • Add a side of veggies in with  your dinner (even if it’s canned!) Having burgers? Make sweet potato french fries and another side of veggies like corn or green beans!
  • They have single serve containers of vegetables in the store–similar to fruit cups. Give these a shot!
  • V8s and Naked Drinks contain vegetables in a drinkable form! Remember these are high in carbs and natural sugars–so limit these guys!
  • You can always bake or grill up some veggies in a foil wrap! Baked potatoes, peppers, onions, tomatoes, corn, etc. Add some seasonings to make them not taste so bland!
  • Sneak in some veggies if you are making your own smoothie. Spinach is a common choice here, as it doesn’t disrupt flavor much!

4. Eat Less Sugar

Cut the Crap: 5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Diet (As Told By Rick and Morty)

I know, I know…sugary things tend to be super delicious. However, high sugar intake is a HUGE contributor to weight gain. When we intake more sugar, we must produce more insulin resulting in more fat storage. This also heightens the risk for diabetes and heart disease, along with other diseases.

The FDA recommends about 25 grams of added sugar for women and 37.5 grams of sugar for men in your daily diet. This is ADDED sugar. So anything artificial essentially. Fruits contain sugars naturally so these don’t quite count, but nonetheless, be sure to watch your fruit intake and limit to one to two servings a day, because the higher sugar content can have a negative impact on your body.

5. How Much Fiber Are You Intaking Daily?

Cut the Crap: 5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Diet (As Told By Rick and Morty)

Show me how much fiber you take in daily! Fiber is huge! Fiber helps to relieve bloating and keep everything regular. No constipation and no running to the bathroom either! It helps to keep our gut healthy as well.

The recommended amount of fiber is 25-30 grams per day in your daily diet. Upping your fiber to this amount is shown to help with various diseases that are linked to digestive problems such as Irritable Bowl Syndrome (IBS). Consider investing in a good probiotic to improve your gut health even more! When choosing a probiotic look at the parts per billion. A good one should be above 20 billion cultures. The bacteria is live, so they should be refrigerated as well to make sure they stay fresh!

You Don’t Have to Deprive Yourself–Seriously.

I know doing all of these things at once to your diet an be tough. Eating vegetables all the time is tough, weaning off of sugar and junk food in general has similar side effects as weaning off drugs. It is somewhat of an addiction if you ask me.

But you are still allowed to eat junk food. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Try to eat clean a good 80% of the time, but if you are really craving a piece of cheesecake or want to go out to dinner with your friends or family–do it. Don’t be afraid or feel like you are sabotaging yourself. Life is too short. Live boldy, eat good food, but also take your health and your soul into account. 

Cut the Crap: 5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Diet (As Told By Rick and Morty)