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Exploring Valley of Fire State Park

Exploring Valley of Fire State Park

Valley of Fire State Park was one of many adventures my husband and I had while visiting Las Vegas. Unfortunately temperatures hovered in the mid 100’s our whole trip. It even breached 118 degrees one of the days we were there. Warning signs were everywhere at all of the nature parks saying it is highly recommended that no one hike.

We couldn’t even handle standing outside of the car for more than 15 minutes in the excruciating desert heat. I have never been somewhere where the wind blowing made you hotter, other than oven air being blown in my face (which was’t too far off from the feeling in Nevada).

I managed to snag a few cool pictures and just taking the nice drive and taking in the beautiful alien like landscape in contrast to the north east made the trip worth it.

A User Friendly Park

The park has a nice little loop (shown above) that you drive through–and at each spot you can either see beautiful structures from the road itself, or it will take you to the beginning of a hiking trail that lead to some cool destinations. Some are more difficult then others but everyone can get to see a variety of beautiful rock formations.

Exploring Valley of Fire State Park

A Pretty Cool Museum

They have a wonderful (air conditioned!) visitor center/museum. Learn about the history of the rock formations dating back thousands of years and how the desert wasn’t always a desert. Various exhibits about wildlife and Indian cultures are in the museum as well!

Seeing Lots of Red

Just driving though the park itself was incredible. To see all the beautiful, intense shades of red and the large mountains blew my mind. I have never seen anything like this before in my life.

Exploring Valley of Fire State Park

Overall, I had a great experience and can’t wait to come back  (when it’s a little cooler out!) to explore it even more.

Exploring Valley of Fire State ParkExploring Valley of Fire State Park