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5 Easy To-Do’s to Get in the Fall Mood

5 Easy To-Do's to Get in the Fall Mood

It’s fall y’all! I think I speak for many of us when I say that fall is the best season. Not too hot, not too cold. Pumpkin spice everything, pretty leaves, tricks and treats, and spending time with family to give thanks. All kinds of awesomeness up in fall. Be sure to check these 5 easy things off your fall bucket list to get you in the fall mood!

5 Easy To-Do's to Get in the Fall Mood

1. Raid the Target Dollar Section

Target has certainly found out how to please the average millennial’s needs when it comes to just about anything. They also stepped up their Halloween decoration game this year. A lot of the stuff they have is under $10 which is great! I snagged up the Halloween decorations early, so they only had decorations in their Dollar Section. Boy, did I find some great little treasures!

I decorated my apartment a bit for myself to get myself into that fall fun mood when I come into my home. It’s totally okay to do these kinds of things for yourself!

My favorite piece I created has to be the cheap glass vase I bought ($7 on clearance) and I got 2 packages of adorable pumpkins for $3 a piece. I simply stacked them in the jar and Voila! You have yourself an adorable centerpiece. If you really want to get fancy, you could put some cobwebs or halloween type garland around the base of the vase!

5 Easy To-Do's to Get in the Fall Mood

2. Grab These $5 Bath & Body Works Candle Dupes

5 Easy To-Do's to Get in the Fall Mood

Okay. So I’ve been obsessed with Caramel Cinnamon Roll candles from Walmart since last year. They are only $5 3-wick candles that are eerily similar to B&BW candles–but better. Walmart’s burns more evenly and lasts forever! I have had mine for about a month now and I still have half of the candle left. The scent is super strong and they smell wonderful! I just discovered the latest scent Pumpkin Waffle and it smells just as amazing!

3. Stream the Latest Scary Shows & Movies

I don’t know about you, but I love me some scary movies! Cozy up in your nice warm blanket to some of these cool thrillers/classics:

  • Stranger Things: Season 2 coming SOON!
  • American Horror Story: Cult (I am loving this new season!)
  • IT :The original or go see the new movie!
  • The Classics: Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th
  • The Walking Dead
  • Black Mirror (Season 3 is my favorite)
  • The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown
  • Halloweentown

5 Easy To-Do's to Get in the Fall Mood

4. Take a Hike & Admire the Fall Leaves

It does good for the soul to take a nice hike and get some fresh air. Whether that be a walk in a park or you decide to go a bit off the path–whatever works for you. Admire the beautiful colors of the leaves and just how amazing Mother Nature really is.

Go solo or make it a social event and bring some friends. Just be sure you grab some warm apple cider afterwards!

5 Easy To-Do's to Get in the Fall Mood

5. Get Yourself A Cute Oversized Sweater

I am on the hunt for the perfect oversized sweater. They all look adorable on the models, but when it gets on me I just look like an 8 year-old who raided her grandma’s closet. However, I will find the perfect oversized sweater to wear and be nice and cozy this upcoming fall/winter season! Everyone could benefit from one!

My favorite place for cute inexpensive clothes is Forever 21, so be sure to check them out! Sometimes you have to really look to find the perfect piece.

5 Easy To-Do's to Get in the Fall Mood


Bonus To-Do!: Pick Up Some Pumpkin Flavored Treats

With me being a personal trainer, I try to be more conscious about what I eat. However, I still like to have the “fun” foods. I never deprive myself. But with pumpkin spice being the crazy and delicious trend, they have everything from Pumpkin Spice Special K to Pumpkin Spice Nutrigrain bars. Add a little pumpkin spice into your daily meals to get into that fall mood!

More of a baker, unlike myself (LOL)? Try baking some pumpkin zucchini bread or sweet potato pie (which tastes almost exactly like pumpkin pie by the way)!

 If you do all of these things, I guarantee you will be in the fall spirit! What are some things YOU like to do to get into that fall mood?