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Simple Changes For a Better Night’s Sleep

Simple Changes For a Better Night's Sleep

Sleep. It is essential for all of our daily functions. It helps keep us lively and upbeat. It keeps our bodies healthy, functioning and organized. However, with all of us on the go, go , go–many of us sacrifice sleep for other things. Whether that be partying, studying, or work–most of us aren’t getting the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep per night.

It is true, that some of us can function off of less sleep, but overall, without sleep our bodies everyday functioning suffers. I see this a lot, especially in the fitness world. Some wonder why they aren’t seeing the progress they would like but are working out correctly and watching what they eat:

1.) You are up for longer periods of time with less sleep–so you likely will be consuming more calories.

2.) Not getting enough sleep can raise your cortisol levels (AKA stress) causing you to stall progress, as well as an inadequate amount of time for muscles to rest and repair–also stumping progress.

Today, we will be looking at some simple changes that you can make to help to improve your sleep routine for a better quality of life! P.S. Need some help getting your shit together? Grab my FREE Starter Pack to setting your goals and getting a solid morning and nightly routine together!

Simple Changes for a Better Night's Sleep

Consider a Melatonin Supplement

Does it seem like your mind has trouble shutting off when you lay in bed at night? You find yourself laying in bed suddenly contemplating if we go somewhere after we die or not. NOW is not the time–you have to be up by 5AM tomorrow! If this sounds familiar, you probably have trouble getting a good night’s res

I am the same way, and taking a melatonin supplement has worked wonders for me!

I always research  my products, because good ain’t cheap, and cheap ain’t good– as my father always says. I personally like Olly’s Melatonin Gummies from Target. They taste delicious, and are of high quality. The gummies contain L-Theanine, which helps to shut off your noisy brain, as well as botanicals to help you relax. I take them 30 minutes before I go to bed and I am out like a light! Just a side note, it says on the bottle to take as needed. I tend to take them the nights I don’t feel too tired, or if I have to wake up early, so I get good quality sleep. I take them about 3-4 times a week. If you take it every night you just may risk feeling a bit drowsy and groggy.

Simple Changes for a Better Night's Sleep

Regulate Your Environment

Okay, so a couple of thing here to make an ideal sleeping environment:

  • 68 degrees is around the ideal sleeping temperature, so be sure to make it a little cooler at night!
  • Do you like background noise? Consider getting a small fan so it’s not dead quiet. (PS-you DON’T have to put the fan on you!)
  • How is the air in your house? Is it super dry–especially in the winter? I highly recommend getting a humidifier. I got a cheap one from Walmart and it saved my life. It adds just enough moisture to the air so I don’t wake up with super chapped lips and overheat at 3 AM gasping for a glass of water!

Consider a Weighted Blanket

Where are all my anxious folks out there?? For a woman who has a deployed husband–sleeping alone can suck. Although an investment (weighted blankets are upwards of $100), weighted blankets are the shit. They give you that warm secure feeling of a nice hug. It helps me to pass out quicker, and has been shown to comfort those with anxiety and depression (hi!).

Be sure to get a weighted blanket that fits your weight category, as the more you way, the heavier the blanket will be so you get the desired effect!

Other Odds and Ends Tips

Just some quick reminders that I didn’t think needed their own section:

  • Shut the phone off. No being a thumb and checking your phone in your bed! But hey, I can’t stop you–so at the very least, put your phone on “Night Mode” so you don’t have all that white light coming in to keep you awake longer.
  • Put a glass of water by your bed. We all have those night’s where we wake up dying of thirst. Keep water by your bed so you don’t have to get up at 3 am! It doesn’t hurt to chug 8 oz. before and after you wake up, either.
  • Shower/Bathe before bed. Nothing like a warm, relaxing shower before bedtime! Grab a bath bomb, a face mask and hop to it! Even taking a hot shower before bed helps to get you all warm and cozy before you catch some Z’s.
  • Keep your night routine consistent. Brushing your teeth, taking off your makeup, putting your retainer’s in–whatever it is, keep it consistent. Your body will get used to the routine and begin to naturally wind down for the day. Need help with your routine? Check out my “Get Your Shit Together Starter Pack”! Download it for FREE. You get a #Goals Sheet, and a Morning and Nightly Routine. 

Simple Changes for a Better Night's Sleep