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The Gym Essentials Checklist That Every Girl Needs

The Gym Essentials Checklist That Every Girl Needs

We have a short, fun blog post today!

Download your free gym essentials checklist to make sure you have all the essentials you need for stellar workouts!

To elaborate on the points included in your gym essentials checklist:

  • Squat Proof Leggings: Every girl needs some good leggings. Especially ones that don’t show what underwear we have on today! Some of my favorites are: Old Navy, Victoria’s Secret and Gymshark Flex Leggings
  • Running Shoes & Flat (Converse-styled) Shoes for Lifting: Different types of shoes for different activities works wonders for your workouts. Make sure you buy a solid running shoe for doing cardio that gives you plenty of support. For lifting, Flat soled shoes are actually better, which is why you see a lot of girls working out in converse on leg day. It helps to boost glute activation!
  • Lifting Gloves: The more I train, the more I hear ladies complain of wrist and forearm pain. Sometimes us ladies need a little more support because we have smaller wrists and hands, so they are more prone to injury! Invest in solid lifting gloves to support your wrists and hands while working out.
  • Compression Sleeves: In addition to lifting gloves, compression sleeves for other achey areas are a must. Bad knees? Tennis Elbow? Ankle issues? Try out a compression sleeve, they will work wonders at giving your joints the support that they need!
  • A Foam Roller: Self myo-fascial release is the newest topic of research. There are many positive benefits popping up about it, plus it’s a great cheap alternative to a deep tissue massage!
  • Loop Resistance Bands: Those tiny loop bands you put around your ankles or above the knee are great for adding some extra burn into your workouts. Perfect for at-home workouts and to utilize during your warm ups at the gym!
  • A Legit Water Bottle: Those cheap waterbottles sometimes just don’t make the cut. If you are anything like me, you will only drink what’s in front of you and hesitate to fill up your watterbottle throughout the day (Hi, Brita Water Pitcher!). I prefer a bottle that is 32 oz. or above assuring you only need to fill that baby up twice to hit your H2O goals. Also, investing in a big gallon jug or even a stainless steel thermos styled bottle works wonders for keeping that water ice cold throughout the day!
  • Good Deodorant/Body Wipes: Make sure you grab a deodorant that makes you sweat (and smell!) free! Don’t have time to shower? Invest in some solid body wipes to freshen yourself up before you start your day!
  • Spare Hair Ties: Need a say more??? We all know they vanish into thin air almost on the daily–so keep a few lying around, and some for your friends too!
  • Ventilated Socks: Have smelly feet? You may not be wearing the right socks to work out in! Having breathable socks is key for a comfortable and less sweaty workout!


What are some of your gym essentials that you can add to the list?? Comment below and let me know!