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The Truth About Working Out That Nobody Tells You

The Truth About Working Out That Nobody Tells You

There are a lot of little things that the average gym goer or newbie doesn’t understand about fitness. It isn’t about a certain pill, wrap, tea, body type, age, physical ability, knowledge, etc. Everyone can do fitness, and the stigma and stereotypes need to stop. Understand that you too can be a fitness freak (in a good way) and become your best, healthiest you. Today, I will shed light on the reality of fitness–and I’m cutting out all the glitz and glamor. 

So, you see all of those fit girls in the gym–how do they do everything so flawlessly? Or your one friend at work who can eat whatever she wants, and you just look at a donut and gain 5 pounds. It’s like they were born that way.

I’ll let you in on a little secret–they most certainly weren’t born that way (most of the time at least). There are many, many factors that go into how a person looks. Each individual has their own story and worked hard to get to their current state. And even if someone looks healthy, doesn’t necessarily mean they are.

A lot of competitiors or models with shredded muscles and ab lines often go through very intense dieting the weeks leading up to their competition or photoshot to look at peak condition for one day. Trust me, they don’t walk aroud looking like that 24/7, unless you have some sort of God-like genetics or, they very well may have an eating disorder of some sort.

Working out isn’t all fun and games sometimes. Sometimes it sucks. Sometimes you’re tired and pretty sore, but you have to go to the gym anyways. Sometimes you are squeezing a quick gym sesh into your day at 4 am or 11 pm. Sometimes you need to just go for a run to relieve the stress.

Working out isn’t all pretty gym clothes, showing those muscles and looking perfect. Working out is looking not so hot sometimes while you drip sweat. Having callouses on your hands from lifting heavy. Accidentally dropping a dumbbell on your foot. Losing your balance while trying to get this new workout move down and looking silly.

The days that you don’t feel like going to the gym just because are actually the days that you need it the most. Go. The days that I drag myself to the gym are often my best workouts.

Build discipline. Motivation will not always be there. Someone won’t always hold you hand. You have to take inititative and go even if you don’t want to, just like a job! It’s your duty to take care of your health and putting in a little effort consistently pays off in the long run.

It saves you thousands of dollars in hospital bills and medication and adds years on to your life. You will look great, feel great, and limit your aches and pains. You will overcome a lot of your predisposed illnesses or diseases you may inherit. Anyone can do fitness, no matter your age or ability. That’s why I got into the field. Anyone can benefit. 

So get the idea out of your head that you need to buy a certain product or lose a certain amout of weight before you can “really” start working out. Just start today. Fitness is a lifelong journey. You will mess up, you will change what you’re doing because our bodies change as well! Adapt. Learn. Enjoy the ride. Get out there and MOVE.