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Relax and Unwind: Simple Everyday Ways to Relax

Relax and Unwind: Simple Everday Ways to Relax

In this day and age, it’s pretty tough to relax. It seems just about everyone you talk to has some level of anxiety and depression, and we all seem so frantic and exhausted all of the time. This is because our society rewards and looks highly upon those who work tirelessly and get 4 hours of sleep per night.

All of this constant stress has funny ways of showing itself: acne, tension headaches, weight gain, fogginess, inflamation, getting sick all the time, etc.

If we take some time to relax and listen to when our bodies need rest, we will end up being much more productive and present in the end.

Let’s take a look at some of the methods I use to relax on a daily basis so my day to day isn’t so crazy (and trust me, being a fitness trainer and on the go for hours and hours at a time makes me just a little crazy!)


I have a new outlook on meditation after reading the totally awesome book called Just Sit. It talks about all of the amazing benefits of meditation, history of meditation, guided meditation sessions, and just about anything else you can think of.

Meditation is really as easy as just sitting. You don’t have to be perfect when you do it, but focus on your breathing and try to relax and face any general emotions that come up. Anyone can do it and there are so many positive benefits. You can get fancy and have crystals and oils and candles and such or you can just sit on your floor or in your car. Up to you!

Relax and Unwind: Simple Everday Ways to Relax

My Himalayan Salt Lamp that I use for good vibes and meditation.

Melatonin Gummies 

Having a frazzled mind will often impact sleep. Shitty sleep means a not so hot you during the day. You will be more irritable and groggy for sure.

I take Olly Melatonin Gummies because they are delicious and really work. It’s a natural way to help get to sleep. If you want more tips on getting better quality sleep, check out my blog post here.

Ashwahghanda Extract & L-Theanine

Both popular and overall, no negative side effects in the average healthy individual, both ashwahghanda and L-theanine have shown great reduction in stress, anxiety and depression when taken daily (or especially during that time of the month ladies!)

I personally rotate between the two, taking L-theanine more when I PMS. Ashwhaghanda on days I feel extra anxious. It helps to stop that spike in your heart rate when you feel stress coming on–which is incredible. It also mellows you out without the getting sleepy effect.

L-Theanine is an ingredient in my melatonin gummies and helps to shut your brain off and think more clearly!

Essential Oils

I was debating about essential oils for awhile now and let me tell you–I’m in LOVE. The brand that I have researched and tried and LOVED is Art Naturals. I highly recommend this brand. Their oils are so affordable and very concentrated and of good quality for the price. I also decided to get a diffuser for myself, and let me tell you–it helps me sleep at night so well!

Relax and Unwind: Simple Everday Ways to Relax

Some ways I use my essential oils:

  • Add Tea Tree Oil or Rosehip Oil into shampoo once a week for dry scalp and softer shinier hair.
  • Put any combo of oils in diffuser for sleeping or a good smelling home!
  • Peppermint Oil on temples and undernose for alertness.
  • Any combo of oils in a foot bath or regular bath for nice smell and added muscle relaxation.

The fact that they are natural and smell so good and pure is what helps me to relax. Even if you don’t believe they say what they will do–they at least smell really good!

Baths and Face Masks

This has to be my number one favorite way to relax! Long day at work? Achey muscles from working out? That time of the month? Have an extra half hour? TAKE A BATH! Do epsom bath salts, bath bombs, essential oils whatever. I LOVE the bath bombs I use. They have a light powdery smell and have little bits of whatever is in them. So the rose bathbomb has real rose petals and smells heavenly. Find what works best for YOU.

Facemasks also work wonders. Another way to relax and feel pampered, but also nourish your skin! Play around with different masks–paper masks, mud masks, gel masks, bubble masks. Which ones do you like best? Use ones to coordinate with your mood and current skin situation!

Try to spend a solid 20 minutes or more in the bath and try to either get some good reading in or even a nap!