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How to Simplify Your Life in 4 Easy Steps

How to Simplify Your Life in 4 Easy Steps

Without even realizing it, I discovered that I crave minimalism badly. For someone who gets worked up and flustered quite quickly, keeping a tidy living space (and brain space) is key. I believe this is true for a lot of people.

So, I decided to set out and simplify my life a little bit because I just became too overwhelmed with everything. After making some simple changes, my day seems so much smoother, and my brain doesn’t seem to be on overdrive. Simplifying my life (which you think would almost hold you back in some ways from doing things) actually allows me to have energy to do MORE than when I was trying to cram in everything into my day!

It truly has been a life changing shift for me. This isn’t a one and done deal I have discovered, just as having a health and fitness journey isn’t. It is a continuing process that must be reevaluated and cleaned up every so many months. We are always changing as people, so our needs and wants will be changing too! Keep that in mind when you look at these easy steps to help simplify your life!

1. Downsize Your Wardrobe

Is your closet packed to the brim, but you still can’t seem to find a decent outfit? Come on, we have all been there. Everytime you see something that is below $20 in a store, you basically just have to buy it because it’s such a good deal. Or maybe there is that cute new trend you just have to try. If everything is so cute and inexpensive, how in the hell do you downsize your closet? The answer is keep the basics.

Here at FitHappySoul I am all about sticking to the basics, whether that is with working out, self care, or even your wardrobe. I was practicing minimlaism basically before I knew it was a thing. Have you ever heard of capsule wardrobes? Give it a Google. That’s basically what you should go for, for an awesome, yet simple closet.

How to Simplify Your Life in 4 Easy Steps

Tips for Simplifying Your Wardrobe:

  • Keep neutral staple pieces on hand that you can mix and match.
  • Add flair to your outfits with accessories such as jewelry or even cute shoes.
  • Every 3-6 months revisit your closet and assess what you really wear and what you keep “just in case”.
  • When you purchase new clothes, old clothes have got to go.
  • Really buy clothes that are comfy, have quality and are also cute. Don’t go all for looks or price or you are pretty unlikely to wear it more than once. Really find your style and think ahead for the future!

2. Detox Your Social Media

This one was a BIG one for me! Everyone practically lives on social media nowadays. My addiction got so bad that I would wake up and instantly scroll social media for about 15-30 minutes, then continue to scroll 3-5 more times during the day, and then AGAIN at night! Imagine how much time I was wasting looking at other people’s highlight reels of their lives. Doing this just screams mental and body image issues all over. It happens to everyone. You get so disconnected from the world and think that everything on social media is really how things are in real life–and they are far from it.

Life is so much more manageable when you step back from the glitz and glamor of social media and just live your life in the present moment.

Basically to detox my social media I did these major things:

  • Went through and narrowed down my social media to about 3-5 major accounts: I deleted the Facebook App, YouTube, and Twitter. All I have left is Instagram, Snapchat and Reddit and Pinterest. This still seems like a bit much but each one serves their purpose to me! I occassionaly check Facebook on my computer every couple of days to see any missed notifications.
  • I cut down on my friend’s lists BIG TIME. My Facebook went from 450 to 100 friends. My Instagram went from 350 to 180 and still cuttig down! It really cuts down on the clutter in my feed.
  • I cut down on the TIME I spend on social media. I didn’t really have to try for this one. I personally always felt pressured to share posts all the time, as well as keep up with my fitness online business IG Inspos. Big mistake. I ended up burned out and stressed out posting shitty and annoying things. Now that I cut out all of the big people (or people I didn’t even know) out of my feed, It takes barely 5 minutes to scroll through my social media and I am done. I am lucky if I scroll through it once or twice a day now, and I avoid it in the mornings.

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3. Simplify Your Everyday Routine

I have made a few posts about routines such as my morning routine or my workout routine. However, the main key to a good routine is simplicity. Aside from liking your routine, the more simple it is, the more likely you are to stick to it!

Make a list of whatever you do for your morning routine and nighttime routine. Where can you cut out the clutter? Do you find yourself scrolling through social media everyday for 15 minutes? Maybe you can try reading a chapter in a book instead. Maybe you find yourself watching too much TV when you can be preparing yourself for bed by packing your lunch for work and laying out your clothes for the next day. Turn your lazy habits into productive ones!

*Just a side note about this–be sure to listen to your body as well! It’s OK to stay up and watch a TV show or movie you REALLY have been wanting to see once in awhile. Remember, everything is about BALANCE.

4. Live in the NOW

My final, and what I believe is the most important, step for you is to live in the now. Be present. When you learn to live in the now, all of the other steps we went over tend to naturally fall into place.

We all get caught up stressing over something that happened in the past or worrying about what will go in the future. But we never stop to realize that what we do NOW is the most important part of life!

If you take a second to stop and smell the roses, you will to experience all of the simple joys of life that the busy or worried folk often miss! You get to admire the Earth and all of her beauty. Maybe you will notice a loved one or friend needs a helping hand. Or maybe you will just be a lot calmer and happier in general!

So there you have it folks. I hope at least one of these tips really sticks with you and I hope that you are excited to get a jumpstart on simplifying your life!