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3 Communication Tactics That Saved My Relationships

3 Communication Tactics That Saved My Relationships

Dealing with people can be difficult.  I come into contact with almost over 100 people per day and making communication go smoothly can be a challenge sometimes. Like me, I am sure you come in contact with just as many people whether they be clients or the cashier at the grocery store. 

Today, I am sharing 3 pieces of advice that helped my communication with others go a heck of a lot smoother. 

Silence is More Powerful Than Words

3 Communication Tactics That Saved My Relationships

People enjoy talking. Especially about themselves. Sometimes we are the ones talking too much. Try being silent after making a few comments. Let the other person talk. You will be suprised at what is on their mind or what they have to say. 

This philosophy goes along the same lines of listening to answer. We often want to get our thoughts and opinions in while someone is talking, that we don’t even stop to listen what they have to say. If you actually pause and truly listen to what the other person is saying and craft a thoughtful response back–you may save yourself a nasty fight or debate, or you just might have a nice conversation. 

Pick Your Battles

3 Communication Tactics That Saved My Relationships

I have been hearing this phrase a lot lately–pick your battles. I never paid much thought to it, but now I understand what it means. 

It’s very easy for us to get upset and frustrated over just about anything and everything, but we need to pick which battles are truly worth fighting for. Is it worth fighting over the fact that your best friend decided to not hang out with you a night you had plans? Maybe he/she was busy or simply didn’t feel like it. Or maybe your husband didn’t do the dishes. He could be exhausted from work. Matters like these (unless it is a reoccuring frustrating problem) often take more energy to fight about than just to simply move on with your life.

If It’s Not Relevant in 5 Years–Forget About It

Going along with my previous point, this is a great thought to help ground you during arguments. If whatever you are arguing or angry about will not matter 5 years from now, is it really worth getting mad over? Save your energy and your mental sanity for things that truly matter. Keep a positive mind and keep your future and goals in mind, while still seeing and enjoying the beauty in each and every single say. 

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Whether it be a fellow worker, your significant other, a family member or a friend, all of these tactics will help to strengthen your relationships and keep your cool when you want to act out. Have you used any of these tactics before? What’s are some tactics you use to improve your communication with others?