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How Not Wearing Makeup Has Totally Changed My Life

How Not Wearing Makeup Has Totally Changed My Life

Nowadays just about any beauty product on the market can make a girl look runway ready. It almost feels like there is some sort of baseline set of what a girl should look like. She should always be put together and have makeup on, and if not? She looks like she’s sick or having a “comfy day”.

Although that’s what it feels like to most girls, I’ve discovered quite the opposite. Most males I talk to (inlcuding my husband), say that they prefer women who have a natural face or can’t even tell when they have makeup on! It’s hard to decide how to take those comments–but I am going to look at the glass half full option.

Aside from what males (or others) think or covering up flaws, girls like to wear makeup just for themselves. Maybe because they enjoy doing it, or it makes them feel more put together. Whatever the reason, this is no bash on anyone who does or does not wear makeup. I am just sharing the positive events that happened after I chose to not wear makeup nearly as much. (I’d say I am down to 1 or 2 days a week if that).

I Have A Shorter Routine

Hallelujah! My morning and nightly routine times caught cut in about half. Not that it takes long to put on makeup now (I’d say about 10-15 minutes total), but waking up only 30 minutes before leaving for work and not having to rush is so beautiful. 

Another plus is when I do decide to look nice and fancy, it makes me feel extra good and putting on makeup fun!

Check out one of my skincare routine articles below!

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My Skin Texture and Appearance Has Improved GREATLY

Not wearing chemical filled irritating makeup has left my skin soft and smooth. I rarely breakout and it’s nice to rub my eyes without being worried of smearing my makeup. 

I recently went makeup free when I bought TULA skincare products, which I heard so many great things about. It is a probiotic based skincare which is natural, vegan and cruelty free. I love how gentle it is on my skin, how clean and fresh it smells and how easy it is for my skincare routine. Be sure to check out their products!

Right now I am using the face wash and the Resurfacing Gel. For other parts of my skin routine, I will use miscellar water upon waking and before bed. I also have a paula’s choice sacylic acid treatment I use at night. I don’t moisturize every night because I have oily skin and it tends to cause breakout and do more harm then good. My skincare routine takes only 5 mintues out of my day but is effective which is great

I Am Now A Lot More Accepting of My Natural Self

I remember feeling so naked if I walked into work without makeup. I would think everyone was staring at how horrid I look without makeup. This is totally false!

If anything, everyone says they can’t even tell I’m not wearing makeup or they compliment my natural glow!

Overall, deciding to go makeupless a majority of the time has made my skin much happier, less toxins, and a more self loving Tina.

If we go back to our roots, we were born how we are, we originally didn’t have makeup. Be sure to cherish that part of yourself, but don’t be afraid to have a little fun with makeup if you want to!

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