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5 Health and Fitness Inspos You Should Be Following

5 Health and Fitness Inspos You Should Be Following

I have a quick little round up for your today of the top 5 health and fitness inspos who have been my inspiration as of late.

All of these girls are truly genuine and provide quality content. Check them out and be sure to give them a follow if you need more inspiration/knowledge in the health and fitness realm!

1. Hanna Oeberg

She’s a gorgeous fitness girl from Sweeden with over 1 million followers. I totally dig her tattoo sleeve, too! I love to follow her for her effective, yet simple, workouts she posts on Instagram. Hanna also has a pretty cool Youtube!

Her Instagram

Her Youtube: Hanna Oeberg

2. Emily Duncan

5 Health and Fitness Gurus You Should Be Following

I’ve been following Em for as long as I can remember! Emily is a very well-rounded social media influencer. I have purchased her lifting guide before and absolutely loved it! I love her strong focus on mental health and how she pays attention to detail in her IG captions and in her Youtube videos!

Her Instagram

Her Youtube: Emily Duncan

3. Whitney Simmons

Whitney is just as talented as she is gorgeous! Although she keeps up a well-rounded IG account, I mainly watch her videos on Youtube to see her bubbling and silly personality shine through! Everything from clothing hauls to delicous meal prep ideas–she is certainly an inspiration.

Her Instagram

Her Youtube: Whitney Simmons

4. BusyBeeCarys

I LOVE this girl! She has affordable and information-packed gym guides as well as an amazing taste in fashion. Carys is truly a lifestyle inspo. She has great in-depth Youtube videos along with a beautiful IG.

Her Instagram

Her Youtube: BusyBeeCarys

5. Natacha Oceane

Natache gives me some great HIIT styled workout moves when I’m stumped for ideas! She is also very educated with a college degree in her line of work and all of her workouts and advice are science based! Her love of travel is something that I can certainly relate to. The workouts Natache creates are different than the typical “IG fitness girl workout” and a bit hardcore, but it widens my fitness workout options–which I love!

Her Instagram

Her Youtube: Natache Oceane