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Taking A Weekly Self Care Night: How To Do It Right

Taking A Weekly Self Care Night: How To Do It Right

You are busy. Work is tiring. By the time you get home, clean and cook dinner, all you want to do is sit and stare at the wall. I get it. I think what you need is just ONE measely night out of the week, for maybe an hour or two, to focus on YOU.

A self care night, yes. Something to look forward to. Now, I’m not one to prance around and tell you to go buy 100 bath bombs and face masks and have a glass a wine (unless, of course, you want to do that!). How you create this mini-girl night for yourself is up to you–but I can definitely offer up some suggestions. 

The Basics

This self care night is supposed to be a stress-reliever. You have to do something that YOU enjoy and something to help get your mind off of everything going on in your life. So, what type of night are you shooting for?

The Spa Night

Taking A Weekly Self Care Night: How To Do It Right

This is the so-called “stereotypical” self-care night. You get your bath bombs, essential oils, a face and/or hair mask, light a candle and relax. Maybe you want to watch your favorite show or read while relaxing in the tub. Have that glass of wine and a bit of dark chocolate! 

I personally do these types of nights the most. It is the closest thing I can get to an actual spa without forking over the money for it. I find myself rushing and cutting corners throughout the week and my hair/face/nails all end up suffering for it! This night just might be the perfect little boost in your confidence you need to power through your week!

The Mental Health Night

In the mood to do a brain dump? Maybe journal or talk about your thoughts and feelings. Or you can write or read. Even a nice meditation session. Something to clear your brain and focus on anything that hasn’t been going quite right this week up in the noggin’.

Need some mental health reading? Check out this post for some more information! 

The Creative Night

Taking A Weekly Self Care Night: How To Do It Right

I am every bit a creative person and it certainly spills out in many forms. Aside from blogging, I love doodling, painting and making pretty things. Not necessarily an Etsy or Pinterest worthy project, but it’s somewhat a mound of beautiful chaos and I love it! That’s the cool part about creativity. It has no rules. 

Some ideas on being creative: 

  • Do a Bob Ross painting night. Pull up the show on Netflix or Youtube and grab a canvas and follow his painting. 
  • Just sit and put on some music and doodle or write
  • One of my personal favorites, pop in a disc and play some of your favorite video games
  • Look up a simple DIY art project and try to recreate it

Me personally? I switch my self care nights up sometimes. Mine mainly revolve around skin and beauty routines but sometimes it’s more of a mental health thing. Other days I just wanna have plain old fun. 

What Day Are You Doing This?

Okay girl, now you have to pick a day to perform this amazing revitalizing ritual. Are you going to do it on Sunday? A way to relax and reset before the start of the new week? Maybe Friday? A nice way to decompress after a long week.

I personally do it on Wednesday for a mid-week recharge. But that is totally up to you. You may work overnight and get home at 3 AM and your off day is a Tuesday. Self care night on Tuesday at 4 AM before you nap? Do it girl!

Once you have your day picked, you are ready to go!

Don’t Overthink It

After giving you some ideas for the type of self care night you want to have and encouraging you to pick a set day to have it on–please don’t overthink this. 

Remember, this is supposed to be a relaxing time for you. A time to mentally recharge, reset, and get your life in order. Each night isn’t going to be perfect. Things will come up. You’ll drop your candle in the bathtub or maybe forget that you ran out of paints. That’s okay.

This is your self care night. So enjoy it doing what you like! Have fun!